Notes from the 2019 Annual Meeting, which was held last evening, Monday, March 18th:

The obvious news is the weather with snow melt and rain. Nasty flooding that has occurred, hopefully everyone is okay and not too much damage to your property.

As far as The Ridge goes, we had deep frost and with the snow on the course and a couple inches of rain, the water had no place to go (ponds completely full). Hopefully not too much damage with water ponding up.

We do have some thick ice in some areas including the greens, which you really never want, but I’m hoping since we really didn’t get snow until February it hasn’t been on the turf too long. We will just have to wait and see. We will have an idea hopefully by the end of this week with the warm up and nighttime temps not dropping too low. 

We have a couple projects that will be started when weather permits and staff is here (don’t want to mess up daily play by focusing on projects only). We plan to do some work around #2 green, which will involve removing sod, this shouldn’t take too long to complete. Also, we have a couple other areas that need some attention,  so we would appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding.  With that being said, please stay out of areas that have been repaired.

Speaking of repair, last fall we did replace some bluegrass with fescue areas that had no irrigation, which is the right thing to do as bluegrass doesn’t handle the drought as well as fescue. Theses areas are mostly out of play and should help the looks of the course aesthetically. Please, like normal, don’t drive carts in these areas. 

We are going to add a long strip of synthetic turf on the back side of the driving range tee box. The driving range tee has never been torn up as much as it was last season. It gets used a lot, and that is a good thing. The synthetic turf will not be used all the time, mostly just during the spring, fall, wet days, and for outings. Many championship style courses are adding this feature, with mostly positive feedback.

Again, I’d like to thank our members at The Ridge. We truly appreciate your support and positive comments do not go unnoticed.

Have a great 2019 golf season!

Stephen Roseberry & Staff

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